Requirements for Foster a Fair Start Mentoring

Foster a Fair Start Mentor Program:


Foster Kids United provides mentors to youth ages 16+ nationwide who are in, or have been in the Foster Care system. These children are in foster care for a variety of reasons, including abuse and neglect, but one thing they have in common is the need for a stable, caring adult in their lives.

The Mentor’s Role

Our mentors help the area’s foster youth by:

• Working with clinical and social service providers to create a “network of support” for the young person

• Providing academic assistance

• Advocating for the youth

• Sticking with a youth as they move from placement to placement

• Providing fun and bringing a sense of normalcy back to their lives

24 Years or older ***

Time Commitment :

• Commitment to youth till they turn age 24 or till one ends relationship

• Four to Eight hours per month one-to-one with one or two mentees

• Weekly communication with mentee • 4-hour initial training and two additional 2-hour training sessions each year

• Optional group events, mentor support groups, and our annual mentor recognition banquet

Desirable Qualities :

• Dependable, these youth need adults who will not let them down

• Non-judgmental, tolerant and respectful of individual differences

• Encouraging and supportive

• Patient and flexible

• Willing listener

• Knowledge of the foster care system a plus

Additional Participation Requirements :

• Interest in working with Foster youth


College-bound foster youth may feel especially alone with no family or community connections, and a history of moving often and attending multiple schools may have left them poorly prepared for college-level work.

College Mentors:

Make a minimum four-year commitment with the understanding that you have become like family to the youth

Communicate a minimum of one time per week via phone, text, skype, email or social media minimum of 2 hours

Generally dedicate from one to three hours a week to their student(s)

Who can be a College Mentor?

You must:

Be 24 or older

Have a degree

Complete an initial application and interview

Pass a background check

Participate in comprehensive online training

Attend monthly instructional conference calls

Submit short online reports

We partner with community colleges both locally and larger universities to bring the best resources to youth who are in college.

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